Smiley help information

On this forum, you can make use of smileys. Smileys are strings of characters that will be displayed as an image when reading the message. Smileys are mostly used for expressing the author's mood. In the table below, you can find all smileys that are available. The "Where" column indicates where in your messages you can use the smiley (S = message subject, B = message body, BS = both).

Smiley Image Description Where
(:P) spinning smiley sticking its tongue out BS
(td) thumbs down BS
(tu) thumbs up BS
:)-D smileys with beer BS
:;ww nieuw BS
;;ff frusty2 BS
>:D< the finger smiley BS
ttt1 off topic BS
ttt2 knuppel BS
ttt3 dag BS
ttt4 eten BS
ttt5 ass BS
ttt6 coucoucache BS
ttt7 koffie BS
ttt8 wijn drinken BS
(:D smiling bouncing smiley BS
8-) eye rolling smiley BS
:)o drinking smiley BS
::o eye popping smiley BS
:;a lol BS
:;d weet niet BS
:;e smoke BS
:;f BS
:;h fluiten BS
:;i help BS
:;j buigen BS
:;k slaapverwekkend BS
:;p ban BS
:;q dans BS
:;r oud BS
:;s help BS
:;t raam uit BS
:;u blij BS
:;w slaap BS
:;y gek BS
;;a cross BS
;;c rolling BS
;;d niet zeggen BS
;;e regels BS
;;f vrede BS
;;g hamer BS
;;i ass BS
;;j computer BS
;;k vinger bijten BS
;;o bla bla BS
;;q paus BS
;;r tong BS
;;s cry BS
;;t vloek BS
;;u applause BS
;;v zzz BS
;;w boodschappen BS
;;x party BS
;;y lol BS
;;z nee nee BS
B)- smoking smiley BS
tt6 coucoucache BS
~+= yeah BS
~.. confused BS
~.: roodhoofd BS
~.; BS
~.~ sick BS
~:. wink BS
~:: yes BS
~:~ lol BS
~=" stil BS
~=+ sortof BS
~== klappen BS
~dr Rijden BS
~th Te heet BS
~~: Lachen BS
:( sad smiley BS
:) smiling smiley BS
:? moody smiley BS
:D grinning smiley BS
:P tongue sticking out smiley BS
:S confused smiley BS
:X angry smiley BS
:o yawning smiley BS
;) winking smiley BS
B) cool smiley BS
X( hot smiley BS