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berichtHungarian Gov’t Plans New Tax On Retail Chains
Gepost door: Donald Troemp ()
Datum: 15 maart 2017 12:11

Hungarian Gov’t Plans New Tax On Retail Chains

The government could introduce a new tax on large retail chains in the spring, government commissioner for retail policy Kristóf Szatmáry told Magyar Idõk. The levy would hit high turnover retail chains in order to "correct biased market conditions," and help smaller businesses, which, he noted, are mostly owned by Hungarians.

The government has not given up on its efforts to get more money out of retail chains after the food safety tax was phased out last year, he added.

The EU first imposed.........


Hungary's new retail legislation plans in nine points

The question is not whether the Hungarian government is preparing to re-regulate retail trade, rather what means it will use to do so. This is a fair observation after what we have seen over the last few days. It is also beginning to take shape what could remain on the table and what would be removed from the first draft proposals. According to reports, consultations will begin on Monday. A statement by János Lázár, the Prime Minister’s cabinet chief, and a Friday report by local daily Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times) suggest what could be left of the original proposals:

They will set into law already this year that commercial employers must ensure employees two free full weekends per month.

Also, Sunday work should go with 100% supplementary wage instead of 50%;

The measure would be applied not only on large but on every retail business.

We’re talking about 370,000 employees, of which 190,000 work in the larger units.

The proposal says nothing about closing stores, restricting the operation of companies and large multinationals would not be burdened by a discriminatory levy.

The main idea is not to slap a tax on multinationals, Lázár stressed. His ministry is partly responsible for working out the proposals.

The compromise proposals of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Economy Ministry will be sent to consumer representative and professional bodies for consult. The content of this draft is already different from the leaked document reported earlier this week.

The argument behind the goal to reduce the size of parking lots at the stores is to lower the pressure on the environment. The government wants to cut the size (ratio) of parking lots that greatly reduced green areas, or would expect the companies to establish more green space.

The proposal also includes new regulation for the sale of products right from pallets. Taxing or abolishing the shuttle buses of stores is not in the package.


Hungary seeks to turn the screws on international retailers


Multinational food retailers to face strict regulations in Hungary?


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berichtHungarian Gov’t Plans New Tax On Retail Chains Donald Troemp 15/03/2017 12:11

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