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berichthuis te koop
Gepost door: jo kock ()
Datum: 11 februari 2018 11:20

deze mail heb ik ontvangen uit Hongarije.
Betreft verkoop van een prachtig huis.
Als iemand interesse heeft dan kun je elf bellen met Hongaar of je kunt ook mij bellen 0623920418

I apologise to disturb you as a foreign person. My name is Imre Csipe from Jászivány. I received your contact from your kind neighbour at Jászszentandrás,from Jolan Gulyás.
She suggested to contact you since we are intending to sell our family home in Jászivány. This is why I contacted you to ask a favour if accidentally you may know somebody in your contact who is willing to buy a property in Jászszentandrás or in its surrounding area.
I already put an ad at a hungarian english language property selling site called The ad is the following:


The pictures have been taken about 2 years ago.
The house is ready to move in,nothing needs to be renovated or fixed. The garden is huge and naturally it is fenced around.
The town of Jászivány is at least such safe as Jászszentandrás is,minority/ethnicity is neglible.

If you are visiting your hungarian residence in Jászszentandrás, we would happily show you around the property.

If you any questions or suggestions where advertise or etc. please feel free to contact me.
You can contact me via email: or via cell phone 00 36 20 409 75 72 or you can find me on facebook: imre csipe, I'm the one in the red-white striped shirt.

Thank you for taking time on my message.

Have a nice day

Imre Csipe


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berichthuis te koop jo kock 11/02/2018 11:20