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berichtNo time to chicken out: Hungary's opposition gets creative
Gepost door: Donald Troemp ()
Datum: 22 mei 2019 19:08

No time to chicken out: Hungary's opposition gets creative

Momentum, another new party which first gained attention for its successful efforts two years ago to end Budapest's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, took a different approach.

The party, which opinion polls suggest could win one of Hungary's 21 seats in the EU parliament, used its five-minute allotment during a simultaneous broadcast on state TV and radio to present a "reality newscast" dealing with issues like Hungary's increasing shortage of doctors, the wasteful use of funds received from the EU and the debut of Orban's 32-year-old son-in-law on the list of richest Hungarians.

Momentum also used its time on state TV to promote a campaign, which has received over 600,000 signatures, to pressure the government into joining the European Public Prosecutor's Office. The new agency will begin fraud and corruption investigations into the use of EU funds starting in 2020. Twenty-two of the 28 EU states have signed up for the agency, but Orban's government says the body would compromise national sovereignty. Opposition parties say Orban wants to escape tighter EU scrutiny.

Hungary's opposition parties have to resort to these sorts of media strategies because they face numerous challenges in getting heard. The government has Hungary's media sewn up. That's especially true since nearly 500 internet sites, magazines, newspapers and cable TV channels were merged into a foundation for right-wing media and which is under tight government control.


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berichtcluck-cluck - Kotkod√°cs! - Gratis bier, eeuwig leven! Nieuw Donald Troemp 22/05/2019 18:38
berichtNo time to chicken out: Hungary's opposition gets creative Donald Troemp 22/05/2019 19:08

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